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Wireless Hotspot
Wireless Hotspot Hotels



Make your Location a Wireless "Hotspot"

Laptop or Pocket PCs users equipped with a Wi-Fi network card, can securely access the Internet at your location.  Your location becomes a Wi-Fi "Hotspot."  The solution can be added-on to the Internet Kiosk, or it can be provided as an independent service.


bulletUsers pay a per-usage fee for high-speed Internet access.
bulletSimple, user-friendly process to get online
bulletNo complicated reconfiguring of client network settings
bulletUsers can access within 300' of Hotspot Access Point
bulletBased on the IEEE 802.11b wireless standard


bulletAttract New Customers
bulletDevelop Repeat Business, Customer Loyalty
bulletNo Cost to You
bulletNo Maintenance.  We take care of everything.
bulletWe pay you a Percentage of the Revenue



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